Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Witchy Poo Two

'nother ball point witch, this one is labeled so JoeO won't be confused as to the subject matter. She kinda reminds me of the character at the party in the movie Nacho Libre who likes Esqueleto. I should probably finish the necklace, but she creeps me out a little.


S.T. Lewis said...

She's freakin' hot! This is so disturbing... which means you've drawn her perfectly. Nice work.

Joe said...

I really like how you did the mouth. Very grossly appealing character. I wanted a necklace like that, but my wife said no.

PS thanks for labeling her, I almost mistook her for hersheys kiss, then I saw witch and felt relieved.

Patrick said...

You have truly arrived as an artist when your work starts disturbing people, especially yourself! Ball point pen is too much fun to draw with-usually the only weapon I have to use here at my job. Your artwork is really great!!