Monday, August 11, 2008

Miguel de

Been a really busy month @ work, too much going on lately.

Here's a sketch for a fun collaborative project you can check out here:

Thanks for stoppin' by!


Sam Nielson said...

Love the neck ruffle. Great character.

RAWLS said...

Hey man!!! Great new post. Love the detailed sketchyness to it. Super job my friend!

Steve Harpster said...

It's funny I have a shirt just like that guy... Your work is really great. I must click on your site once a day to see if you have anything new posted. I really enjoy your work and I saw your images in Imagine FX this month. Great Work!

Artalexis said...

it visits this blog by first you see and really you have remarkable works….Greetings

Jason Seiler said...

Beautiful sketch Ryan!

C.B. Canga said...

nice job ryan. great job as always.

Jeff Solway said...

love your work!! inspires me

Maly Siri said...

oh yess...such a beautiful and fine art, my dear Ryan! so inspirating!

Simon Scales said...

Really nice it!!!!

Jennifer said...

This is so wonderful!

Dave McClellan said...

I wonder if Christopher Lee is a descendent of Señor de Cervantes.

Awesome as always.

Lilyan said...

Beautiful lights, beautiful shapes ...

Luky said...

graet work mister ! awesome

Charles Goatley said...

Great portraits. So vivid and authentic looking.

Moyse said...

Gorgeous work!

Eric Orchard said...

I just love it. Amazing!

GhettoFab said...

you sir are the cream of the crop

Scott Altmann said...

Oooo -very nice!

Mimi Cortazar said...

Very nice :)

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Really cool stuff. I love the the exaggerations you are pushing for each character, I can really feel their personalities on screen!

Looking forward to the next post.

H. said...

Dammit, you rule man!! Love your stuff. I've just linked you on my blog, welcome to visit it any time you want.

marcobucci said...

great one dude!

Ken said...

wow fantastic piece! i also love the uncle Sam below... very cool

Alberto said...

Otro español que se alegra de ver como interpretas a el autor de El Quijote. Adelante con esos retratos.

KIKELIN said...

Your job it's fantastic. I love cervantes and uncle sam. Good job!

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