Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy Halloween!


Aaron Wilkin said...

Awesome job man!!!!!

Charles Santoso said...

Really cool, Ryan :) Happy Halloween!

Amok said...

Awesome!! i havent done a jackolantern painting in a long time, should give it a shot!

Alina Chau said...


manu cassier said...

Great job... hello Mister Jack !

duanetheartist said...

Happy Halloween to you! Love the painting! Great work!

kwistin said...

so, i'm chillin at your demo @ byu right now. you have some awesome stuff! thanks for spending the time to teach us some of your process and background (even if you don't tell dave your secrets). :)

Anders said...

waow! awesome!
certainly one of the best jack o' lantern ever!

LDahl said...

It is so 'YOU!' Hope you had a fine and spooky Halloween!

Samuel Silva said...

Cool !

Abz said...

love love love this! super awesome! :) follow me! :D

Gio M. said...

oh wow..are these acrylic..the robot below this is inspiring..I mean it all is.

Ely'sa Castro said...

ooohhh i love pumpkins!!! fantastic!!!

Carolyn said...

Your posts always make me laugh! Cute!

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aisha said...

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Amir.Z said...

nice job man ,

Miska said...

wonderful, great illustrations! Lara Sta

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Elham Norouzi said...

wonderful, love this
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